Wacky Sports Day

    1. Participants divide into groups, choose their name and create their flag. Teams then participate in a series of races, challenges, and competitions to score points for their team. The event concludes with a distribution of medals for categories of fair play, team spirit, skill, and sportsmanship.
    2. Duration: 3 hours
    3. Venue : Outdoor
    4. Suitability: Conferences, Team building events, bonding sessions, company retreats, off-sites
    1. Track & Field Set-up
    2. Flags, Cones Bibs & Bands
    3. Sound System
    4. Sports Tent
    5. Wooden Benches
    6. Water Dispenser
    7. Game Props
    8. Game Host
    9. Play Coordinators
    10. Set-up Crew
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