Frequently Asked Questions

RentPlay brings a world of fun to where you are. 

- How does it all work ?

  • Browse our collection of Games & Experiences.
  • Create your list.

    Once you've sent us your list, you’ll receive a Quote/ Estimate on your registered email, and our representative will contact you to confirm your order shortly. 


    - How many days before should the order be placed ?

      For proper setup and timely delivery please send us your list at least 2 days or 48 hours in advance. Due to the size and the logistics, we require at minimum a period of 3 days. Some items can be delivered in 1 day, please send us a mail at in such case. 


      - What about safety ?

        Safety is our top priority. We ensure the presence of our highly experienced co-ordinators to make sure your children and other participants are safe while using our products. We perform an extensive check up for any technical issues after every usage.


        - For how many hours can i use the products and what if i wish to use for more ?

        Most of the rates provided are for a 4 hour rental. In cases where you wish to use it for for, you can speak to us directly. We may be able to provide a per hour cost after the 4 hours have been completed. 


        - How long does setup take ?

        We require 1 hour or less to setup. Packing up is a lot faster.


        On the day of your event: 

        • The products you’ve chosen will arrive at your venue with a set-up team to install the games and activities. You’ll also get your very own play coordinators who will interact with and engage the participants. You have an option of adding an event planner to help you plan your event. 



        For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or Ph: 9004078936